Welcome aboard the USS Ark Royal!

"You know the greatest danger facing us is ourselves, and irrational fear of the unknown. There is no such thing as the unknown. Only things temporarily hidden, temporarily not understood." James T. Kirk

With a rich legacy that lives into the late twenty-fourth century, the USS Ark Royal, an Ambassador-class Heavy Cruiser, is assigned to Task Force 72 of Bravo Fleet .

2389- With the destruction of Deep Space 7 by Ravager forces in the Inconnu Expanse late last year and confirmed reports of socio-political factions positioning themselves as heir-apparent to the sitting Autarch of the Tzenkethi Coalition, the Federation Council escalated Starfleet's presence along the Federation-Tzenkethi-Breen Border, while consolidating Federation assets in the region.

The U.S.S. Ark Royal, an aging yet sturdy Ambassador-class ship of the line, was pressed back into service after spending the last ten years in mothballs as a premier force-multiplier. Outfitted with the latest advancements in Command and Control technology, Captain Charles F. McFadden and the crew of the U.S.S. Ark Royal are poised to confront the heart of current galactic intrigue that will define the balance of power in the region for years to come.

Sector Exploration and Necessary Tactical Interdiction Near Enemy Lines (S.E.N.T.I.N.E.L.)

Current Mission:

Mission 1: Change of Orders

The crew of the USS Ark Royal leave Earth, and set a course for the Inconnu Expanse. While enroute the cope with the sudden change in command, and how they feel about it.

But before to long the USS Ark Royal, gets a distress call from the USS Hitachi, a ship on the flight path to the Inconnu Expanse. Acting Captain Haas and the crew will render assistance to the USS Hitachi and delay their arrival into the Inconnu Expanse.

Latest News Items

» An appointed Interim Commanding Officer

Posted on Friday October 5th, 2018 @ 4:40pm by Lieutenant Commander Esmée Haas in General News

Good morning crew of the USS Ark Royal my name is J. L. Galloway and I will be the interim Commanding Officer of the ship till Captain Charles McFadden returns from his real life military deployment. My official position on the ship is First Officer, which was approved today by the Task Force 72 Command Staff.

My first order of business is to establish who is still with us? I have spoken to Archeron, Emily and Vanth and I know they are willing to return. I sent out an email not to long ago, asking the others.

My second order of business is to start up the captain's mission today. Anyone wanting to be added to the mission please tell me, if you are staying with the sim. The first Joint Post will talk about the captain being called away on an important mission, but we have orders to proceed to the Inconnu Expanse.

My third order of business is the appointment of a second officer, and my interim executive officer, note that the interim position is limited time, once Captain McFadden returns you will be demoted back down to Second Officer, and I will be demoted down to executive officer. We will not be looking for an interim second officer.

I am always available for questions.

J. L. Galloway


Lieutenant Commander Esmée Haas
USS Ark Royal, Executive Officer
& Interim Commanding Officer

» Ninety-Six Hours

Posted on Friday July 20th, 2018 @ 8:58am by Captain Charles McFadden in General News

Ark Royal,

We are on the verge of starting our mission. Our efforts to date have convinced the leadership to keep Ark Royal running, but I fear those efforts may be in vain unless we address our standing inactivity.

By the end of the day, there will be a joint post entitled "Ninety-Six Hours Part 1" saved on the site. This post will be a mission briefing for all department heads and assistants in the Observation Lounge. If we dedicate ourselves entirely to fleshing everything out, I am confident we can wrap everything up in a few posts.

On to better news.

I approved the application of 'Lieutenant JG Elizabeth Elaine,' authored by Patrick, to be Ark Royal's Navigator earlier today. With this appointment, we are finally on the verge of filling all critical player positions.

I know this has been a protracted process, but the missions we will write together will be well worth the time and effort spent sustaining the Ark Royal.




» New Tactical Systems Officer/ Security Officer appointed

Posted on Sunday May 20th, 2018 @ 4:25pm by Captain Charles McFadden in General News

Ark Royal,

It gives me great pleasure to announce that 'Lieutenant Lisa Creed', authored by Archerone, will take over Tactical and Security on the Ark Royal.

Congratulations, Archerone.



» Appointment of new Chief Medical Officer

Posted on Monday February 19th, 2018 @ 3:56am by Captain Charles McFadden in General News


It gives me great pleasure to announce that the CMO billet will be filled by "Lieutenant Commander Amiri Aldana, MC, UFPS" written by the talented P.J.

Welcome aboard, Doctor.



» Winds of Change

Posted on Tuesday January 30th, 2018 @ 3:23am by Captain Charles McFadden in General News

Ark Royal, it gives me great pleasure to announce that I just completed and published my first mission post aboard as Commanding Officer; We are back in business.

Any additional in-character posts before the Change of Command Ceremony are welcome and encouraged.

Thank you.



Latest Mission Posts

» Introduction

Mission: Mission 1: Change of Orders
Posted on Wednesday August 14th, 2019 @ 7:02pm by Lieutenant Commander Esmée Haas & Captain Charles McFadden & Lieutenant Commander Amiri Aldana 254 D.V.M., M.D. & Lieutenant Daniel Walsh & Lieutenant Veronica Johnson

“Stand by.” The voice called out inside the Observation Lounge.

Captain Charles McFadden strode toward the door to the Observation Lounge with a clear sense of purpose. With the Hitachi’s command codes transferred and his reinstatement aboard the USS Ark Royal, he was ready to lead. Collected and spruce in…

» Headaches

Mission: Mission 1: Change of Orders
Posted on Saturday August 10th, 2019 @ 3:16pm by Lieutenant Daniel Walsh & Lieutenant Matthew Cooper M.D.

“Next time, remember the five Ds of Dodgeball,” Doctor Cooper suggested as he finished healing the Petty Officer’s black eye, “Dodge, dip, duck, dive and dodge.”

The Petty Officer was quick in his response. “You said dodge twice.”

“Did I?” Miller asked with a playful smile. He patted the young…

» Suprise Luncheon

Mission: Mission 1: Change of Orders
Posted on Friday August 9th, 2019 @ 8:22pm by Lieutenant Commander Esmée Haas & Mila Haas-Carlsson & Lieutenant Veronica Johnson

"I thought you were going to have lunch tomorrow with Lieutenant Johnson, Mother." Mila said, knowing her mother was joining them today, to make sure that she ate food before ice cream.

"Changed my mind, we do not have a lot of time to eat." Esmée said with a big…

» Getting back to normal

Mission: Mission 1: Change of Orders
Posted on Monday July 22nd, 2019 @ 6:39pm by Lieutenant Commander Esmée Haas & Mila Haas-Carlsson & Lieutenant Veronica Johnson

"What are you doing for lunch tomorrow?" Esmée asked Veronica, as they started to leave the conference room. She wanted to spend the night with Mila. They had some holo deck time reserved.

"No big plans, wanna have lunch together?" Veronica asked with a big smile on her face. She…

» My choice is you

Mission: Mission 1: Change of Orders
Posted on Friday May 24th, 2019 @ 8:53pm by Lieutenant Veronica Johnson & Lieutenant Commander Esmée Haas

The Captain's a little occupied, but yes Veronica he is back in charge. Not sure what is going to happen to your promotion to acting second officer, as far as I am concerned, you preformed your duties well as my acting first officer.

"Commander Aldana is is the next highest…

Latest Personal Logs

» Personal Log 1: Erica Solwick

Posted on Wednesday October 4th, 2017 @ 5:52pm by Ensign Erica Solwick II

Personal Log: Erica Solwick

What an interesting past two weeks. Spending two weeks with a Bolian and a Tellarite, was a fun task. The two of them constantly struggled to get a long. Mainly because the Bolian, did not understand how to interact with a Tellarite, he seemed a little…