The following is a list of rules that the Command Team has deliberated on and has decided are most appropriate to implement. They are not only a list of what players can and cannot do; they are the basic guidelines that are set in place to ensure a safe, fair, and enjoyable gaming environment. The following list is not only what is expected of you, but also what is expected of the Command Team. Failure, by any player, to comply with the rules will result in actions being taken against them. For reference, "IC" refers to "In-Character" and "OOC" refers to "Out-of-Character" and the Command Team is comprised of the Commanding Officer, the Executive Officer, and the Second Officer. 
Before listing the rules, the Command Team would like to explain this simulation's three-strike policy. If a player has been inactive (not logged in, posted, or given notice of their absence to the Command Team) for fourteen days, then the Command Team will privately message the player and issue Strike One. The player will then have seven days to respond, log onto the site, and post. If the player fails to take any action within the seven days following the Strike One, the Command Team will send another private message to the player issuing Strike Two. The player will then have another seven days to respond, log onto the site, and post. If the player fails to take any action within the seven days following Strike Two, the Command Team will send a final private message issuing Strike Three and removing the player from the simulation. In total, players are offered an entire month before being removed from the simulation. 

Strike One: issued after 14 days of inactivity 
Strike Two: issued 7 days after the initial strike without further activity 
Strike Three: issued an additional 7 days after the previous strike without further activity and contains removal from the simulation 
1. All players must be at least 13 years of age to join the USS Ark Royal. This requirement is so that the simulation complies with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA). At any time an applicant or player is determined to be under the age of 13, he or she will be removed from the simulation immediately without question or further consideration.
2. The Command Team reserves the right to approve or deny any application submitted based on their deliberation alone. All players and characters must abide by Bravo Fleet's playable species requirements when submitting their application. Any application submitted with a character that is not in Bravo Fleet's list of playable species will be automatically rejected. Any application that contains canon characters, pictures or references to canon characters and ships/bases will be automatically rejected, I.e. a character may not be the son of Jean Luc Picard. Character ranks will be set at the time of application approval and are at the sole discretion of the Command Team. No character (Department Head or lower) will receive a starting rank higher than the rank of Lieutenant. Lastly, rank promotions are at the sole discretion of the Command Team. 

3. Any application that is submitted without a sample post is subject to automatic rejection. Sample posts are required so that the Command Team may view an applicant's writing ability to help determine approval or rejection for position and rank.  

4.Following the USS Ark Royal's mandate of scientific exploration, this simulation does not have a "Starfighter Wing" department. Players may not play characters in this department and should refrain from requesting to do so. However, characters may have this department, or any position within it, written into their biographies and are allowed to reference their history within the "Starfighter Wing" department while writing on this simulation.  

5. All players must be respectful of their game mates. Here, the Command Team is referring to all interactions done OOC. This includes private messages via the Nova site, instant messages via the Discord channel, and any OOC comments made within a joint post. This does not apply to IC actions that a player may write; the Command Team recognizes that lively debate, discussion, and even argument makes for excellent character development. Any player who feels that another player is in violation of this rule is asked to contact a member of the Command Team. Lastly, any player found in violation of this rule will be contacted privately by the Command Team and asked to provide details concerning the incident so that the Command Team may hear from both players. Actions, including removal from the simulation, may be taken by the Command Team against the player without following the three-strike policy. 

6. Posting requirements for players on the simulation are as follows: each player must post one 500-word minimum post every two weeks. A 500-word minimum requirement applies to single author mission post; joint posts are usually long enough. The purpose of this requirement is to ensure that players are remaining active within the simulation and make sure that all posts are well written for the public to view. The Command Team will initiate the three-strike policy if a player does not meet this posting requirement. Personal logs do not count towards the posting requirement and do not have to meet the 500-word minimum, but length and depth is encouraged. Lastly, any mission post that is submitted and is not 500 words, minimum, will be sent back to the player for revision.  

7. Players are encouraged to create and write Protected Non-Player Characters (NPCs). NPCs can be written on a full-time basis, or part-time to add a bit of flair to the plot. These characters are the creation of the player and no other player may write on a NPC's behalf. All players area allowed to create a total of three NPCs. Players may not create a NPC with a rank higher than their Playing Character. Players must seek and obtain approval from the Command Team if they wish to play a NPC outside of their department. Lastly, there is no posting requirement attached to NPCs, nor does posting with an NPC count towards each player's one post per two week posting requirement. 

8. Players are offered Leave of Absence (LOA) and Extended Leave of Absence (ELOA) in the event that they are unable to log onto the site and post. Leave requests must be completed in the Nova website, not instant message or e-mail, and MUST contain a duration/end date. Any request without a duration/end date will be denied. The three-strike policy takes affect at the end of the Leave request, I.e. John asked for ELOA on January 1 until February 1. If John does not log on a post within 14 days of February 1, he will be issued Strike 1 by the Command Team. LOA requests are for when players will be inactive between 7 and 14 days. ELOA requests are for when players will be inactive between 14 and 30 days. No leave request will be approved for longer than 30 days. In the event that a player will be inactive for longer than 30 days, their character will be assigned "Inactive" status until they are able to return to the simulation. 

9. If a player chooses to resign from the simulation, they are encouraged to contact the Command Team requesting the resignation. Players are discouraged from resigning in a public sphere (News Item or Discord Announcement) prior to notifying the Command Team, or simply disappearing from the simulation, Discord channel, or communication all together.  

10. The USS Ark Royal is a LGBT friendly simulation. The Command Team has zero tolerance for direct harassment or other behaviors that make players feel uncomfortable. This included harassing another for religion, politics, gender, or sexual orientation. Any player that feels that another is in violation of this rule should bring the matter to the Command Team immediately. Any player which the Command Team finds in violation of this rule will be removed from the simulation and barred from rejoining.

11. Lastly, this type of gaming is completely for fun and is not a job or the military. Above all else, HAVE FUN!