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Lieutenant JG Karl Davenport

Name Karl Wade Davenport

Position Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0 Feet
Weight 185 pounds
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall and slender with a little muscle tone to him.


Spouse Single
Children non
Father Charles Davenport
Mother April Davenport
Brother(s) Hector Davenport
Sister(s) Sarah Davenport
Emily Davenport
Other Family Non listed

Personality & Traits

General Overview Pretty mellow and collect guy. He has a love for fixing things. His love for fixing things lead him into a career of operations for Starfleet.
Strengths & Weaknesses Karl is very enthusiastic person. He is driven with ambition, but has a heart of gold. He loves to others out with a generous heart, when they need it. He is hopeless romantic. Hoping someday to find the right woman. He has an extrovert type personality. His open extrovert type personality has made it little difficult for him to find relationships. He has two relationships that have failed. His longest relationship was three years.

Karl can be very driven in the workplace, trying to prove to his fellow crewmates, that he is just as good as they are. He is constantly seeking their approval, and hates to be alone. So a lot of nights he can be found in the bar, not because he likes to drink. He prefers it over staying alone in his quarters. He has a strong code of honor, he believes in the motto, “Death before Dishonor.”

Karl has an unhealthy fear of spiders. He has been working on it, but luckily in spaceships, there are no spiders, which in part is a big reason why he wants to be assigned to a starship. His current emotional status is best described as, “Contemptuous.”

Karl ended his relationship with Stacey Josie Beck, because he did not believe that a long distance relationship could work between them. They struggled with the Separation, when they were both at the academy. He kicks himself for leaving a great woman, and does not like to really talk about it. He just needs time to get over her, and move on with his life.

Positive characteristics: enthusiastic, generous
Negative characteristics: determined, standoffish
Words often used: determined, enthusiastic, generous, standoffish
Psychology: Intelligent
Self-discipline: Focused
Social attitude: Dislikes being alone. Bring out the best in others
Emotional capacity: Warm and Sensitive
Current emotional state: Contemptuous
Honesty and honour: Selfless
Lifestyle: Enthusiastic, Law-abiding
Moral: constant
Stable: constant
Loyal: very
Generous: very
Extrovert: very
Compassionate: very
Phobia of spiders
Obsessed with zombies
Ambitions Karl current goal is to be promoted to Chief Operations Officer. He knows he has to prove himself first on the USS Ark Royal. He knows in order to achieve this, he needs to prove his better than the other pilots in his unit, and fix his broken heart.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies: tennis, escapology, praying, painting, hiking, upcycling, binge-watching 21st century television shows and movies and listening to 21st century music.

Interests: Art galleries, visiting historical places in the holodeck or in real time. Attending musicals and musical performances.

Personal History Karl was born on July 26, 2365. He was born to Charles and April Davenport. He had a pretty average childhood, and a high school sweetheart named Stacey Josie Beck. They broke up, right before he joined Starfleet academy.

Karl aced through the Academy, but always felt that something in his life. His senior year, he realized it was Stacey, but she had moved on and gotten married and had a kid, but the time he realized his mistake.

Karl was devastated, and completed a tour on the USS Qantas on the Gamma Shift. He mainly focused on his career, and kept everyone at an arms length.
Service Record 2389 - Present
USS Ark Royal, Operations Officer

2387 - 2389
USS Qantas, Operations Officer

2383 - 2387
Starfleet Academy

Born 07/26/2365