Personal Log 1: Erica Solwick

Posted on Wednesday October 4th, 2017 @ 5:52pm by Ensign Erica Solwick II

Personal Log: Erica Solwick

What an interesting past two weeks. Spending two weeks with a Bolian and a Tellarite, was a fun task. The two of them constantly struggled to get a long. Mainly because the Bolian, did not understand how to interact with a Tellarite, he seemed a little xenophobic, which is strange, since he is joining starfleet.

The Counselor in me, wanted to reach out and try to assist him with his xenophobia, but part of me knew better.

I was a passenger, hitching a ride to Roosevelt Station an old Cardassian Nor Class Station. In a lot of ways, very similar to the iconic Deep Space Nine.

I was honestly surprised that Roosevelt Station was not given a Deep Space insert number name.

I have spent the past two weeks trying to familiarize myself with the names of the senior staff. I believe I have done well, I have also tried to study the psychological write ups of each of the crew, but certain files of the Captain are being blocked, saying my authorization is not high enough, but when I look at the service for the captain, the files are not listed as black operation, so I should have clearance for his files.

From what I have gathered on the public records side of his file, the Captain has a troubled path, worse than my own with the omega crisis of 2383, an incident that I am not allowed to discuss in full detail. I wonder what he is hiding, and if he will allow me to help him, he may not want my help, or maybe he learned to cope with, despite what his last counselor suggested.

Will not know his current mental state, until I have a chance to sit down with the Captain.

I have to assume he is fit for command, my colleagues passed him on their previous evaluations. For the moment though, I need to worry more about my first impressions, the Captain's mental state is a minor concern, he already has a passing review.

My orders were to report to Roosevelt Station and report to the First Officer a Lieutenant Commander Damien Blackford.

According to his file, he is a capable officer, and I could learn a lot from him. As Chief Counselor.

I will report directly to him, I find it strange to say I am the Chief Counselor, I am the only counselor aboard the USS Ark Royal, well at least for the moment. According to the file on Damien Blackford, he is ambitious and eager for his own command, his competitive spirit, maybe a concern for those serving under him. He hides it well with his charming personality.

His file says he is pretty good at negotiating around challenging situations, sometimes his competitive spirit can be self checked by his ability to read the body language of the crew.

He has the right markers, for a good leader, a natural leader.

I believe I can benefit from his natural charm to avoid hostile situations. The man is not without his flaws, I can see that he keeps his personal life to a bare minimum, this can lead to an isolated life or a life of superficial relationships both physical and emotional.

I am just starting my career, I know what the text files say on what type of persona I should be, but honestly I do not know.

I could be rigid, by the book, easy at negations, easy at diverting situations while having a lot of superficial relationships and a few exclusive ones.

I am not sure if I can be rigid, I may be more of a people person.

I found it hard not to reach out to the Bolian and Tellarite officers on the shuttle, honestly it bugged me to try to keep to myself.

Maybe its the Betazed in me? I am not really sure.

In any case, I need to decide soon, but at the moment I need to meet Commander Blackford on the station.

Computer end log.