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First Encounter

Posted on Tuesday August 27th, 2019 @ 5:43pm by Lieutenant JG Karl Davenport & Lieutenant Veronica Johnson
Edited on on Tuesday September 3rd, 2019 @ 5:36pm

Mission: Mission 1: Change of Orders
Location: Mess Hall

Karl walked into mess hall. What was he thinking. How did he let Mila talk him into this. He noticed Veronica, the acting second officer, of the USS Ark Royal and their chief science officer, waiting for him. "I hope I did not keep you waiting long." He asked, feeling a little guilty, if he did.

“No,” Veronica shook her head. She winced at the nervousness in her voice. “I only arrived a few minutes ago.”

"Karl Davenport." He said, reaching out his hand, to officially meet Veronica. They really had never crossed paths, before today. Which was a little ironic to him, seeing how he is the second officer.

“Veronica Johnson,” she replied. “I don’t remember meeting you before, I am sure you know I am the science chief.”

"Yes Ma'am and our second officer too." He said, as he reached out to shake her hand. "Been wanting to stop by and say hi. Mila beat us to it, or so it appears." He said, thinking that little girl, is very nosy.

“That I am,” Veronica nodded. She smiled then. “When She said she wanted to set me up on a blind date I was leery of who she had chosen but I love her like my own.”

"She is very persistent. She clearly sees something in us. So I am willing if you are willing, at least give this a try." Karl said, as he motioned for her to have a seat.

“Yes,” Veronica replied, taking a seat. “What do you think she sees?”

"I don't pretend to understand the mind of a teenage girl." Karl said, trying to be humorous at the same time as being serious. He really had no idea.

Veronica laughed. “It would probably send you running.” She looked at him. “So tell me who is Karl Davenport.”

"Good question, I'm still learning who he is too." Karl said, deflecting the question. He was trying to be cute, not sincere with his charming behavior. "I am 24 years old, six feet tall, consider myself an approachable person. Who likes to get along with everyone." He said, giving very generic and reserve answers.

Veronica laughed softly. “I guess it is my turn. I am five foot Four, weigh around one twenty five, I am loyal and dependable and I like making friends.”

Karl was curious why she listed her weight. He could tell that she was thin, and looked really good. Her response seemed more reserved. "Friends are a good thing." He simply said, trying to see if she would open up. By keeping his answer straight to the point.

“I have an odd sense of humor,” Veronica smiled. “And a little nevous. I haven’t dated much.” She winced, knowing that what she said sounded lame.

"You seem perfectly reasonable." Karl said, not really seeing the odd behavior, she was talking about it. Maybe he was blinded by his lust. She was very attractive. He could not deny, he might have blinders on to any insecurities or quirks.

Veronica wanted to stare at him, he was so handsome but she didn’t want him to think she was starving for male attention. “So what do you like to do when you aren’t working?” Damn it if her eyes didn’t go straight back to his.

"Board games, card games, watch movies to new a few things." Karl said off the top of his head. He was a very interactive type. He was curious, if Veronica was interested in these type of activities. "What about you?" He asked, with a genuine look.

“I like movies,” Veronica replied. “I haven’t played a lot of games but I am willing to learn.” She smiled then. “I love to shop!”

Karl tried to hide his dislike for shopping. "I am always willing to teach, assuming you are interested. Are you interested?" He asked, if she said no, he was going to offer to sit down and talk, as his back up plan.

“Yes,” Veronica replied with a smile. “I would like that very much.” She liked him already and it was obvious from the look he tried to hide he wasn’t fond of shopping.

"Now that's settled. What do we do about Mila. She will be curious to know if we hit off, or if decided to be friends." Karl said, trying to be sly and shy about asking how she felt about him.

She tilted her head sideways. “Well, I am really liking how things are going so far, what about you?” Veronica was nervous. She was putting herself out there, what if he said he would rather be friends. She didn’t want to be put in the friend zone.

"I liking it too." Karl said, a little lost for words. His emotions, were getting the best of him. He gave a big nervous smile.

“How about we say nothing for now,” Veronica murmured. “And just spend time getting to know each other. I don’t want anything spoiling what we may have.”

"You can try that approach, but Mila may not allow it." Karl said, with a slight grin on his face. He knew Mila would be pestering the both, for information.

“You are right,” Veronica smiled. “So what should we say? Maybe, we’re taking our time or how about..” she grinned. “We got married last night, you were right a match made.” She was joking of course.

"Marriage huh...." He said a little nervous. He could tell that she was joking. But the idea scared him. "Sure we got married, cause your pregnant, surprise Mila." Karl said, with a grin. Scare him with marriage, he would scare her with kids. He was just teasing. He hoped she saw that too.

Veronica’s eyes widened. A mother? It both thrilled and scared her. She laughed when she looked in his eyes. “Yes, I can see where that might make Mila upset. How about the simple truth. We are seeing each other.” Her eyes were on his waiting for his answer.

"How about we say, we are going on a date, and will see where it takes us." Karl suggested, with a warm smile on his face.

“I like that,” Veronica’s eyes lit up and she smiled. “Simple and honest.” She didn’t know where he had been hiding but she was definitely interested. Smiling she thought that Mila might try matchmaking anyone who is single.

"So shall we say, tonight then 1700 hours? No doubt, Mila is lurking in the shadows. Eager to ask us how it went." Karl, said, hoping for confirmation.

“Yes,” Veronica replies, wincing at how quickly she replied. “I look forward to it.”

"I'll stop by your quarters at 1700 hours then." Karl said, with a big grin on his face. The scene starts to fade away.


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