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Times up

Posted on Monday August 26th, 2019 @ 8:26pm by Lieutenant Commander Esmée Haas & Lieutenant Daniel Walsh

Mission: Mission 1: Change of Orders
Location: Bridge
Timeline: After "Introductions"

"Haas to Lieutenant Walsh, it has been three hours, are we ready to get underway. I assume the Hitachi, can limp back to Starbase 315 under her own power?" Esmée asked, as she opened a channel with the USS Hitachi, she waited for Daniel to respond. She knew he had been going back and forth from the ship, since the repairs.

Lieutenant Walsh tapped his commbadge as he stepped down of the transporter pad. "We're good to go." He told her. "The last of our engineers are back onboard. I've just completed the handover with the Lakota's Chief Engineer." Daniel had been part of the last group to beam back aboard Ark Royal. "The Hitachi will be able to move under her own steam, escorted by the Lakota."

Esmée had a big smile on her face. She was eager to get the USS Ark Royal, back on course with their mission. "Very well, when you get a moment come up to the bridge." She said, as she closed the channel with him.

"Aye ma'am." Daniel closed the comm channel and left the transporter room. There was nothing pressing for him to be doing in Engineering so he headed straight for the Bridge. Several minutes later he emerged from the turbolift and moved over to the Engineering station. He relieved the duty officer and logged on. The LCARS display reconfigured itself as the computer imported his personal preferences.

"Thank you for arriving promptly Lieutenant." Esmée told him, from the command chair. She looked over to the ready room, where Charles was currently at. He was talking to Starfleet.

Daniel nodded as he got himself up to speed Ark Royal's current status. "Not a problem, ma'am. There isn't anything pressing in Engineering that requires my attention."

"How much bridge time do you have you?" Esmée asked him. She was very curious. "I am curious, cause I like my senior officers all to be certified and trained duty officers. You never know, when a crisis could happen, and you find yourself in command." Esmée said to him, with a serious look on her face. She needed to know, how much training he needed.

The Chief Engineer was caught off guard by the question. "Uh, not much. Prior to being assigned here the time I'd spent on the Bridge of a Starship could be measured in hours. Even since my promotion to Chief Engineer I haven't spent much time on the Bridge. I prefer to work from Main Engineering."

"You will for the most part, but I want every department head certified and trained. If war ever breaks out, and the command staff is eliminated, you might just find yourself in this chair." Esmée told him, with a serious look on her face.

Daniel had never thought about that particular aspect of his department head assignment. While it would take the death of the Captain and most of the ships senior officers for him to be called upon to assume command of Ark Royal, it was theoretically possible. The thought sent a chill down his spine.

Esmée assumed he was contemplating what she said to him. "The training will take place in stages, some on the bridge, and the rest in the holodeck." She said to him, waiting to gage his response.

Daniel glanced around the Bridge, unsure that this was the best forum for having this particular conversation but he continued, "Ma'am, you shouldn't let the pips fool you. My rank of Leiutenant is only temporary. Scratch the surface and I'm just an Ensign. When I'm transferred off Ark Royal, I'll revert to that rank. I'm not sure I have the necessary experience to be undergoing command training."

"Well your sticking around, your promotion is going through Mister Walsh, are a full Lieutenant. The Ark Royal, needs you. Don't worry about your experience and command training, that's why I am here. I have the upmost trust in your capabilities." She said, with a big grin on her face.

The young Lieutenant didn't share her faith in his command abilities. Commanding a department was one thing, standing a watch on the Bridge, or taking command of the ship in time of crisis was completely another. He simply nodded, "Aye, ma'am."

Esmée could tell he was unsure, he was trying to hide it. But a mother could sense these things. She did not want to consult him on the bridge, about his doubts. That would be bad, and character assassination. She instead said. "For now, just man the station. Will work you into the rotation." Esmée said, making a mental note to have a more private conversation later.

Daniel nodded. "Aye ma'am." He wasn't about to argue with the XO on the Bridge but the truth was that he had never enjoyed Bridge duty and absolutely no interest in it. Daniel Walsh was an Engineer. He preferred to be off somewhere getting his hands dirty instead of sitting on the Bridge co-ordinating the work of his staff. But that was a conversation for another time.

"Mister Walsh, don't forget some the greatest engineers, had bridge service duties. Greats like Montgomery Scott, Geordi LaForge and Charles Tucker III." Esmée told him, hoping to motivate him into the role, she basically threw at him.

Holding back a sigh, Daniel nodded once again. "I understand, ma'am." He'd always wanted to be an officer. Follow in his father's footsteps and graduate from the Academy. But now he was starting to think his twin brother James had the right idea. James was a Petty Officer 2nd Class. No-one was going to expect him to stand watch on the Bridge or take command in times of extreme crisis.

Hoping the XO would let the matter drop for now, he felt that this issue had been aired enough in front of the Bridge crew, Daniel returned his focus to his work. There were a couple of diagnostics he could run from here and he needed to co-ordinate the last of their repair efforts.

"Good, man your station. We should be altering course shortly." Esmée said, as the scene starts to fade away.



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