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How Are They Holding Up?

Posted on Thursday September 19th, 2019 @ 1:18pm by Lieutenant Daniel Walsh & Lieutenant Commander Esmée Haas

Mission: Mission 1: Change of Orders
Location: Main Engineering | U.S.S. Ark Royal
Timeline: Two days after "Are My Priorities Striaght?"

Esmée walked into Engineering. It had been two days since Captain McFadden had ordered the USS Ark Royal, to proceed to with her primary mission. Esmée was doing her standard rounds on the ship. Her next stop was engineering. She walked over to Daniel. "How are they holding up?" She asked, making reference to the engines.

"They're holding up fine, ma'am." Lieutenant Walsh told her proudly. "One good thing about this old Ambassador-class workhorse is that her engines have been well run in by this stage."

Esmée walked over towards the warp corps. She could here it pulsing smoothly. "Glad to hear it. We are still a few days away from our destination. You are doing a remarkable job here." She said to him, as she started to look around.

"I have a great staff." Daniel had been lucky that his first tour of duty as Chief Engineer had been with such a capable group of Engineers. Of course there had been a little turbulence with his Assistant Chief Engineer but they'd managed to put their differences aside and were working rather well together now.

"And it shows, Lieutenant." Esmée said, as she walked over to a display terminal. "What's the current intermix coolant temperatures at?" Esmée asked him. She was just curious, knowing him. Right on the margin.

Daniel glanced over at a nearby display. "Right where I want it." He went on to explain, "The specs for this type of Warp Core say that the intermix coolant temperature should be a higher but we've found that the engines run more efficiently at a lower temp with no discernible downsides, though obviously we're monitoring that closely. Just in case."

"Good thinking, I must say I am very impressed with your work, so is the captain." Esmée told him, as she reviewed the finding for herself. She was impressed by his ingenuity. "How long can we sustain the field, before dropping to impulse speeds?" She asked.

Daniel wanted to point out again that it was more than just him, but his entire engineering staff. Feeling that the moment had passed, he answered the XO's question. "We'll be able to sustain our warp field indefinitely. That said, once we reach the gravimetric barrier surrounding the Inconnu Expanse, forming a warp field will be difficult and until we're through the gravimetric disturbance we may be stuck at impulse."

"Do what you feel is best, I will notify the Captain. We maybe limited to impulse power. While going through the expanse itself." Esmée said to him. She wanted to talk to the captain anyway. This was good enough of a reason to do so.

"We're working on ways to maintain a warp field while travelling through the barrier that surrounds the expanse but we haven't come up with anything yet. We'll keep working." Daniel told her, wanting the XO, and by extension the Captain, to know that they hadn't given up.

"We still have some time before we reach the expanse. I have faith you and your team will figure it out, before we reach the expanse." Esmée said to him. She knew Daniel would figure it out.

Daniel nodded. "We'll certainly do our best, ma'am."

Esmée knew that was her cue to leave. She did not want to overstay her welcome in engineering. "I know you will Lieutenant. I have to continue, my rounds." She said, as they headed to the door way of the engineering bay.

"Aye, ma'am." Daniel watched the XO leave before turning and resuming his duties.


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