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First Date, Part 1

Posted on Friday September 27th, 2019 @ 6:25pm by Lieutenant JG Karl Davenport & Lieutenant Veronica Johnson

Mission: Mission 1: Change of Orders
Location: Quarters of Veronica Johnson
Timeline: After "First Encounter"

A few hours had passed, and Karl was pacing a little before his date with Veronica. Karl was right outside her quarters. Just a little shy of 1700 hours. He wanted this to smoothly. A lot of times in life, you only get one chance. And he did not want to ruin it. As soon as the time struck 1700 hours, he tapped on her intercom button.

Veronica looked at herself in the mirror. One last time to make sure she looked okay. She was so nervous, feeling like a school girl on her first date. She heard the door chime and a nervous smile crossed her face. She gave herself an internal lecture. He asked her out so he must have seen something he liked. Walking over she opened the door.

“Hi.” Veronica said with a smile.

"Hello, I hope these are okay?" Karl asked, as he handed her some flowers. He waited by the edge of the door way. He could tell, that she dressed up for the occasion. Which made him feel better, he did the same thing. Wearing a nice shirt with slacks.

Veronica’s eyes lit up at the flowers. She took them and put them up to her face, breathing deeply. “I love flowers! How did you know!” Her eyes met his. “Thank you, please come in while I put them in water.”

"I didn't, I was hoping you did." Karl said, as he walked inside, staying near the door. But just far enough away, to allow them to close shut. "Love what you did with the layout." He said, with a big smile.

Veronica smiled as she thought of her quarters. She was no interior decorator. She just found what she liked and fit them together making it seem more like a home than the bland rooms most crew members had. “I collect things.” She admitted as she put the flowers in water and headed back over. “I’m glad you like it, most people think it’s weird that I have this stuff.”

"Why would they think that?" Karl asked. He was surprised anyone would call her collection weird.

“I guess most people keep to standard things so if they get transferred they don’t have as much to take.” Veronica replies. “I prefer to make my home where I am stationed. I want to feel comfortable here.”

"I know how you feel, normally the first thing I do is re arrange the living room, to the way I like it." Karl said, as he looked around her room. It had a nice feel to it.

“See, that is what I am talking about,” Veronica smiled. She set the base of flowers on the counter and turned to him. “Who wants to have their home look like everyone else’s?”

"How long did it take you, to come up with a design you liked?" He asked. He remembered her saying it was mostly random, but there was some organization to her random pieces. They all seemed to fit.

“A couple months,” Veronica confessed. “Trial and error. But I realized I have an eye for what I like and it works because others seem to as well.” She smiled at him. “What does your place say about you?”

"No idea to be honest, maybe, he is on the move a lot." Karl suggested. He really never thought about it, in any great length.

Veronica smiled then. “What does my place say about me?” Probably wasn’t fair but she wanted to see what he would say.

"I'm not sure yet, but I would love to find out." He said, with a big grin on his face. Hoping she liked his answer. He was trying to be smooth about not answering that loaded question. He knew better, than to evaluate a lady.

“I like your answer,” Veronica replied, her eyes on his. “There is much about you I am interested in learning as we go.”

"Thanks." Karl said, with a big grin. Then he went on, thinking to himself, "I would like that, learning together." He said, thinking to himself, he really liked her. And wondering, where has she been all his life?

Veronica felt her nerves melt away. She wasn’t sure who was grinning more, her or him. “I like adventures,” Her eyes were lit up. “And it starts with this date.”

"Adventure you shall have then." Karl said. "You almost ready to head out?" He asked, as he waited by the door. He was not done with the adventure conversation, he wanted to start date night.

“Yes,” she followed him out the door. Veronica smiled at him as they headed down the corridor. “Where are we going?” She was curious what we had planned.

"Have you ever been to Paris?" Karl asked, thinking maybe a stroll in Paris, and the Eiffel tower, would be in order for the two of them tonight.

“No,” she shook her head. “It is on my list of places I would like to see.” Veronica looked at him. “Have you been there?”

"Just in the holodeck." Karl said, as they made their way down to the holodeck. This was the first time, he brought a lady to this paris holodeck recreation program.

Veronica’s eyes lit up and she smiled. “I knew this evening would be special but I had no idea!”

"If you are trying to impress a pretty lady, might as well go all out." Karl said, with a big grin on his face, as he walked into the holodeck with her, and could see the Eiffel tower, in the near distance.

Veronica stopped, staring at the tower. “I was excited about talking about it but this is really happening isn’t it?” She hugged him. “I’ m ready, let’s discover Paris together.”

"There is a lot to see, let's just soak up the moment." Karl suggested, as he continued to look up at the tower. The thing, was a sight of beauty.

Veronica thought back to those who had designed and built it. Had they even imagined it would be a universal landmark on Earth? She wanted to climb to the top and experience what those before them had.

After a few moments, Karl looked to Veronica. "May I have the honor, of escorting you around this fare place?" He asked, with a hint of southern charm to his voice.

“I would like that,” Veronica smiled at him. “Please, show me the city.” She was captivated by everything around her.

Karl started to show Veronica around Paris, the air was warm, with a gentle breeze to it.

End of Part 1


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